Human trafficking, atrocities, exploitation, kidnapping, anarchy, ethnicity, anti-language, inhuman behavior, harassment is increasing day by day like a virus in India, let us all join the organization and promote human rights in the society. It has been seen that the category of human rights violation is highest in our country. Always dedicated to human rights in the country and international level and by the intellectuals of the international non-governmental social organization “Defenders of International Human Rights Council”.
Formation has been done on 8 October 2021 AD, which is registered by the Central Government by registration number.
248722 has been provided. Therefore, the campaign to tie the knot through the organization is going on all over the country and abroad. As soon as the council is seen around, there has been a panic in anti-social elements, arbitrary bureaucratic touts, tyrannical police and bullies and corrupt people. Has become frightened by the arbitrary obstruction of corrupt people. Through the organization, the exploited victims are getting justice, treatment and protection and getting rid of criminals, and seeing the work of human interest, the number of members is increasing unexpectedly every day.